What products can be used for stairwell ventilation?

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The most common product types of stairwell ventilators are:

Stair / Shaft Vent Louvre Vent

Louvred ventilators

The louvred ventilator provides discharge of smoke and fumes through motorised blades along the length of the frame. You can choose between aluminium, polycarbonate or glazed blades / panels.



Louvred ventilators with weatherproof ventilation

Louvered Vent

These weatherproof ventilators provide discharge of smoke and fumes through motorised blades along the length of the frame whilst also containing separate 24V, side-mounted daily ventilation louvres to allow fresh air input without opening the whole louvre. This means that daily ventilation can be provided even in wet weather.


Roof hatch

Hatch Vent

The hatch vent AOV / roof hatch AOV provides discharge of smoke and fumes with an opening angle of 140 degrees. It is available with either a solid aluminium insulated lid or a polycarbonate translucent panel. Roof hatches are not usually suitable for environmental ventilation.


Actuated vertical window

Louvered WindowTo meet standards actuated vertical windows must always provide the required free area as specified in Approved Document B. A range of AOV window actuators are available, including chain drives, linear and folding arms. These should be tested and CE marked to EN12101:2 Smoke and heat control systems – Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators.


Actuated casement window

Casement Window

Casement windows are often used for ventilation and may also be used for smoke evacuation subject to compliance with regulations.



We’ve assembled a range of AOV kits Suitable specifically for stairwell ventilation, available to purchase in our online shop so you have one less thing to worry about.


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