Do stairwell ventilators have alternative uses?

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In short, yes. As well as smoke removal and fresh air replenishment, stairwell ventilators can be used for:

Daily ventilation

The stairwell ventilator may be used to evacuate heat or to provide fresh air to a lobby smoke shaft system when it is used for environmental ventilation.


The stairwell ventilator may also be used to provide daylight to an internal stairwell. This is done by selecting a product with either glass or plastic blades or a lid in the case of a hatch. For example, a glass bladed louvre or a polycarbonate hatch vent are perfect for providing light.

Roof Access

The stairwell ventilator may also be used as a roof access hatch. This will require the opening mechanism to be designed in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct access through the hatch.

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