Who is a competent person to install and AOV system?

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For simple systems that follow ADB guidance, the installation of AOV systems are within the capabilities of most mechanical and electrical contractors, however, it should be approached with care and expertise.

For more complex systems, particularly those following an alternative route to compliance e.g. BS9991 or fire engineering, contractors need to have the knowledge and training on the smoke control requirements and solutions for residential buildings. This should cover fire safety provisions, the standards and regulations that need to be met, the design, installation and commissioning, and the maintenance of such systems. Installers also need to understand the products that are available, in order to select and specify the most appropriate compliant solution for their smoke control projects.

The Group SCS Approved Installer Network has been introduced to give contractors the tools they need to bring smoke control in house and eliminate the risks associated with sub-contracting this vital element of fire safety in buildings. All approved installers receive free technical support from us, in addition, our professional services and support division can also provide a commissioning service for your projects and ongoing maintenance support for the systems that have been handed over to clients.

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