Everyone involved in the construction or management of a building knows that occupants’ safety is paramount. Above all, smoke control provides a vital life safety feature to residents and firefighters and no compromises should be made on its compliance and quality.

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With land remaining at a premium, residential developers are looking for ways to lower the production costs of their developments. Although fitting within budget is important, that shouldn’t come at a risk to the safety of residents. All equipment and systems relating to smoke control and ventilation must be designed and installed correctly. Without a doubt, priority should be placed on compliance and quality.


How can developers lower costs without compromising on compliance and quality?

scs-group-smoke-control-solutions-compliance and quality

Based on the principle that the stairs, lobbies, and covered car parks of most high-rise residential buildings (HRRBs) are somewhat similar, Group SCS has engineered modular standardised systems that can be self-selected, specified and purchased through a variety of routes.


The Group SCS Modular smoke control range

The standardisation of our systems, coupled with their modular approach, eliminates the lengthy and expensive design phase. With this intention, technical documentation regarding our modular range is available for instant download. This includes specifications, technical submissions, operating manuals, plant diagrams and wiring instructions. As a result, the efficiency of the work is increased without compromising on its quality, or that of the systems.


Installation options for Modular smoke control systems

Your installation options depend on the type of business you operate. For instance, the products you are installing and the projects you are implementing them in can influence your decision. Overall, for most HRRBs, the most common options available to building contractors are:


Find out more about your installation options

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