Video campaign explains new rules for fire cables

A screen grab from a video about the fire cables regulations explaining specific responsibilities and what the changes mean

New videos about the fire cables regulations explain specific responsibilities and what the changes mean

AN ONLINE video campaign highlighting new regulations for fire cables has been launched by the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI).

As of July 1 this year, reaction to fire cable with a Reaction to Fire requires a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and CE marking under the Construction Products Regulations (CPR).

In a story on the LABC website, it explains that the new campaign targets four key audiences and complements a range of animated videos launched by the ACI earlier this year.

Changes to rules for cables explained

The videos target contractors, wholesalers, distributors, specifiers, designers and manufacturers and explain each group’s specific responsibilities and what the changes mean.

LABC reports that the ACI launched in 2010 to address the issues of unsafe, non-approved and sub-standard cables entering the marketplace.

Peter Smeeth, of the Approved Cables Initiative, told LABC: “The ACI has been concerned by the level of misinformation around CPR and to this end we have produced these videos to offer a quick explanation of what is required.

Non-compliant cable products will be monitored

“It is also to remind those in the supply chain that the ACI will proactively police the market for non-compliant cable product and bring to the attention of relevant UK authorities all breaches of CPR Certification and Approval.

“Trading Standards will also make market checks and there are penalties for putting product on the market that is not CPR compliant.”

The video below specifically targets contractors in its explanation of the new rules and regulations.