Video shows how IoT is revolutionising office life

A screen grab of British Land's video about how the IoT - Internet of Things - is revolutionising office life

A screen grab of British Land’s video about how the IoT – Internet of Things – is revolutionising office life

A NEW video from British Land focuses on the IoT (Internet of Things) and how it is revolutionising office life.

In the video, British Land’s CIO/Head of Technology Xavier Walker and Head of Office Development Rob Samuel look at how advances in smart office technology are going hand in hand with a new focus on the needs of the people who work in them.

SCS Group reported back in January about how the IoT may affect your firm in 2017 (see and always has an interest in the IoT’s latest developments.

But what is the IoT? Well, it refers to ‘a system where a range of devices that connect to the internet can also connect to one another and send data between them’ (Yorkshire Evening Post).

Extensive insight

British Land’s video has been released within its project ‘The Office Agenda’, which brings together its extensive insight into what makes an office that people – from employees to the board – prefer.

In the video, Xavier Walker explains: “In smart buildings the technology has been around quite a long time. But it’s always been focused from a manufacturer’s perspective of trying to sell people new equipment.

“What we are trying to do now is look at it from an end-user’s perspective and look at the experience someone will have using those technologies. How will it make their life better, and I think that as we get all of these systems to talk to each other and have new technologies coming in via the internet then the experience of an office worker in five years from now will be dramatically different to today.”

Rob Samuel said: “I think smart buildings are all about people, I think perhaps historically they have been more about how we apply technology without the understanding of how it best works for the people. The reason we’re talking about them now is because we have had meaningful technological advances which better enable this common language for all these component parts to speak to each other.”

IoT allows building intelligence

Xavier Walker added: “The internet has allowed a thing called the Internet of Things where every single device can connect back or connect to each other. That means that a building can sense where you are, it can sense the temperature, it can look at security.”

To watch the video click here.