Our jet fan solution for smoke and pollution control

SCS Group’s UniJet is a packaged car park ventilation system designed to  provide smoke clearance and pollution ventilation to covered  car parks, designed specifically to comply with current building regulations and meet the standards set out in BS7346 Part 7 (2006), specifically ‘impulse ventilation to achieve smoke clearance’.

The UniJet car park ventilation system delivers combined pollution and smoke clearance using jet fans to provide an energy efficient and safe solution while requiring the least possible plant space. It comprises high-temperature extract fans to exhaust smoke and pollution to atmosphere with strategically positioned jet or impulse fans used to move stale air or smoke to the extract fan positions. Fully automatic controls monitor carbon monoxide levels and smoke or temperature conditions within the car park to operate the fans at the appropriate level to maintain safe and comfortable conditions within the car park.

Find out more about what the system comprises and how it can work for your construction/M&E project here.

UniJet Car Park Ventillation System