The original mechanical fire fighting shaft, for lobby protection

UniForce is a fire-engineered smoke control solution designed to extract smoke from the lobbies of multi-storey buildings, while fresh inlet air is drawn in from the staircase to maintain suitable conditions both for means of escape and fire fighting.

Extract is provided by run and standby axial flow fan units mounted on the roof and inlet air is via a roof mounted stairwell ventilator. A builder’s work shaft connects each lobby and air is extracted from the lobby through a fire-rated damper. The UniForce system operates automatically on detection of smoke from an addressable control system with manual overrides for fire fighting and maintenance use.

How it works

UniForce includes its own dedicated smoke detection installation that monitors the common corridors and, on detection of smoke, the automatic damper into the smoke shaft opens on the fire floor; at the same time the roof mounted extract fans start to remove smoke from the lobby. Fresh air is drawn into the lobby from the ventilator at the top of the stairwell. The fan can be ramped up to high speed to provide additional protection for fire fighting operations using the fireman’s override switch.

Optional daily ventilation

Where specified, the system can be used to exhaust heat from common corridors using a purpose-designed automatic ventilation software programme that provides thermostatic control of corridors and ensures failsafe operation in fire conditions.

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UniForce Mech Smoke Vent System