Smoke control system design article featured by Means of Escape

A screen grab from the Means of Escape website showing Ben Meek's article about bespoke design v standardisation of smoke control systems

Ben Meek’s article about bespoke design v standardisation of smoke control systems has been featured by Means of Escape

AN INFORMATIVE article about smoke control system design by SCS Group’s Design Manager/Fire Engineer Ben Meek is featured in this month’s Means of Escape newsletter.

Ben’s article, Bespoke Design vs standardisation in smoke control for high rise buildings, is featured in the April edition of the newsletter, which came out on Friday, April 28, 2017.

In the article, Ben discusses how the field of smoke control works when it comes to smoke control system design.

He says: “It is a completely unregulated part of the fire safety industry that is populated by specialist contractors of varying size and capability. There are no accreditations required to enter the industry or to call oneself a smoke control specialist.”

‘No recognised qualification for smoke control system designers’

He adds: “Unlike in other areas of fire protection, for example sprinklers or fire alarms, there is simply no recognised qualification for designers of smoke control systems.”

He talks about the case for standardisation of smoke control system design and says: “There is a strong case to make for standardising fire-engineered smoke control provision so equipment providers, installers and approving authorities can all work to the same basic requirements for groups of similar buildings, for example high-rise residential developments.”

‘Common set of parameters’

He added: “Such systems will never cater for every possible case but will be effective in the vast majority of situations and offer the advantages of being based on a common set of parameters so will give consistent performance at a lower cost.”

You can read Ben’s full article on the SCS Group website at or you can see it and the rest of Means of Escape’s newsletter content at

Ben Meek is Design Manager/Fire Engineer based at SCS Group’s Cardiff office. He is responsible for estimating, designing and project managing a wide range of residential and commercial installation projects within the BMS, Fire and Security and Ventilation industries.