Stay compliant, stay safe – keep your controls software up to date and your smoke, BMS or natural ventilation system properly maintained.

SCS Support is the service and maintenance division of SCS Group, here to provide aftercare and ensure that buildings stay safe after handover. Post-commissioning, we’re the most cost-effective way to ensure your system continues to operate effectively, with up to date software and remote monitoring/maintenance available to bring costs down.

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During any smoke control, BMS or passive ventilation project, compliance is always a major concern. This is where SCS Group shines – British Standards, H&S, RRO and more – we ensure everything’s covered.

In particular, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) dictates that a building’s “responsible person” (generally a building owner, manager or FM) has to ensure proper operational service and maintenance of smoke control systems.

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Our fire safety expertise means we are uniquely placed to guarantee projects are compliant with all building regulations and that building users are fully protected in the event of a fire. It simply makes sense to enjoy our ongoing support.

• Latest software updates to control units

• Remote maintenance and monitoring available

• Whole-system service that checks integrated elements

• Regulatory compliance guaranteed

• Service contracts available for all SCS projects

• Maintenance scheduled around you

• Emergency call out available

• All relevant certification supplied

• Advice on latest technology and services

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Do you have a service issue?

From February 1st 2015, SCS Group will no longer provide ad hoc technical support or spares to non-contract customers.

To ensure the correct ongoing operation of our life safety, energy management and building automation systems, SCS Group is now offering software updates and spare parts exclusively to its aftercare service contract holders.

Our in-house service and maintenance operation that offers direct access to the people who design the systems and software and undertake the original installations in the first place.

NB for issues arising in the first 12 months following commissioning, we will require the issuing of a PO before we are able to call out an engineer, in case issues are determined to have been caused by something other than defective parts or incorrect installation by SCS Group.

Note this does not apply for Easivent customers.


Need a maintenance logsheet?

SCS Group maintenance and aftercare logsheet

Keep up to date with maintenance – click the picture to access a PDF of the SCS Group maintenance logsheet which you can download

We are pleased to offer a ‘maintenance logsheet’ available for you to download.

Weekly tests of your smoke control system should be carried out to check the operation of the system.  For mechanical systems, checks should be made to determine whether the fans are running satisfactorily and that the ventilation system has operated.  Where there is a back-up generator in place, the fuel level should be checked and topped up as necessary.

Monthly tests should be carried out in addition to weekly tests. During the monthly test, the failure of the primary power supply should be simulated and a check made that the system has automatically switched over to the secondary power supply.  Where the secondary supply is via a back-up generator or power cell (battery or UPS), the secondary supply must be able to energise the system for a minimum of one hour.  A zero airflow condition should be simulated to check that the system switches automatically to the standby fan/s and that they are running satisfactorily.

The weekly and monthly checks will typically be carried out by general maintenance personnel for a building who have received basic hands-on training from the manufacturer/installer of the system.


For further information contact our helpline on 0870 240 6460 or view our brochure