SCS Group has been at the forefront of fire engineering and smoke control for more than 20 years and has an impeccable reputation for quality and service.

The term ‘smoke control’ relates to designing and installing systems that extract smoke from a building in the event of a fire, protecting people, property and assets while making access easier for fire fighters.

These systems are designed and specified by our experienced engineers to ensure your new build is safe and compliant, and include our in-house designed smoke control solutions that have been installed in thousands of buildings throughout the UK:


(the original mechanical fire fighting shaft)


(for enclosed car parks, see illustration right)


(natural ventilation system)

Car park

For more standard systems, we have lead the industry in innovating a range of ‘off the shelf’ smoke control solutions, available for M&E contractors to simply specify, purchase and install via our distribution arm, Easivent.

We have developed comprehensive packages with innovative open source controls that facilitate integration with our BEMS and fire alarm installations for lean and effective building automation solutions.

Important standards in smoke control:

BS 9991: 2011  – Fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings

BS 9999: 2008 – Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings

BS EN 12101-6: 2005 – Specification for Pressure Differential Systems

BS EN 12101-3: 2002 – Specification for Powered Smoke and Heat Exhaust Systems

Smoke Control Association Guide: 2012 –  Guidance on Smoke Control to Common Escape routes in Apartment Buildings (Flats and Maisonettes)

Our 20 years of experience and our dedication to customer service lets you forget about your building’s regulatory compliance and get on with your business.

Allan Meek, Managing Director

  • SCS Group - Total Automation

    Total Building Automation

    Our methodology
    is all about linking building services to save money and energy

  • SCS Group - Computer Systemes

    Computer Systems

    Our in-house software engineers can set up systems for any controls application

  • SCS Group - Electrical Solutions

    Electrical Solutions

    Systems integrating multiple components for smoke, fire, security, HVAC and more

  • SCS Group - System Maintenance

    System Maintenance

    Our full-service contracts cover scheduled maintenance, repairs and software updates

  • SCS Group - Full Reports


    Cross-spectrum legislative compliance is assured with a system from SCS Group

  • SCS Group - Control Panels


    We manufacture panels in-house,
    with systems from Schneider, Siemens, Trend, Priva & more

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