Passive ventilation is an important element in constructing sustainable buildings, harnessing nature to maintain temperature.

We design and install low-energy natural ventilation systems to aid climate control in all types of buildings including schools and commercial buildings.

Our product range is simple and reliable and we manufacture a range of controls that can automatically operate systems to provide nocturnal cooling and temperature control. Our designs are produced using the latest CFD (computational fluid dynamics) programs to ensure they deliver a comfortable environment for building occupants without the need for mechanical extraction.

Passive ventilation takes advantage of the natural buoyancy of warm air, controlling its flow with vents and control panel systems. We are a WindowMaster partner, promoting their excellent range of vents, actuators and control systems.



In addition to design/install, we can – through our Easivent division – also supply a range of natural ventilation products that includes components like automatic window actuators and variable speed drives for motor control.

  • SCS Group - Total Automation

    Total Building Automation

    Our methodology
    is all about linking building services to save money and energy

  • SCS Group - Computer Systemes

    Computer Systems

    Our in-house software engineers can set up systems for any controls application

  • SCS Group - Electrical Solutions

    Electrical Solutions

    Systems integrating multiple components for smoke, fire, security, HVAC and more

  • SCS Group - System Maintenance

    System Maintenance

    Our full-service contracts cover scheduled maintenance, repairs and software updates

  • SCS Group - Full Reports


    Cross-spectrum legislative compliance is assured with a system from SCS Group

  • SCS Group - Control Panels


    We manufacture panels in-house,
    with systems from Schneider, Siemens, Trend, Priva & more

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