BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) or BMS (Building Management Systems) are designed to integrate various environmental controls such as heating, lighting, ventilation and security through one system.

They allow for control of the systems based on time, occupancy, ambient temperature and more, and can also be used for monitoring/metering to ensure the savings to energy efficiency. Indeed, SCS Group’s approach to BEMS is one that’s all about saving energy, and saving money. We are entirely independent, able to turn our hand to whatever equipment the customer wants (including Priva, Trend and Schneider) without pushing in one direction or the other for our own reasons.

SCS Group - BMS






Installation is the most expensive part of any BEMS scheme, so SCS Group uses tight project managerial control and considerate planning to minimise this. Our choice of equipment is pro-integration and takes advantage of the latest technology to reduce cabling and time wasted on site.

Once installed, our systems are commissioned on site and we offer a year’s free service and maintenance via our SCS Support division. We work with mechanical, electrical and main contractors to help them save money and improve efficiency.

Services we offer include: design, installation and commissioning of BEMS and energy centre systems for all building types including retail, high-rise residential, transport and stadia; energy metering, monitoring and management featuring our innovative and user-friendly Endat energy display system; in-house design and manufacture of control panels for a wide range of applications including BEMS, smoke control, industrial automation and process control; service contracts on all equipment supplied by the group, including reactive and planned maintenance, plus updated software, ongoing advice on system performance and regulatory compliance.

Don’t forget – the full range of products offered by the group can be integrated for suitable buildings to provide a holistic approach to building control. We call this service ‘SCS Total Building Automation®’ and the results are improved functionality and safety at lower cost. See how we saved 35% of the cost of the building control installation at University of East Sussex here.

  • SCS Group - Total Automation

    Total Building Automation

    Our methodology
    is all about linking building services to save money and energy

  • SCS Group - Computer Systemes

    Computer Systems

    Our in-house software engineers can set up systems for any controls application

  • SCS Group - Electrical Solutions

    Electrical Solutions

    Systems integrating multiple components for smoke, fire, security, HVAC and more

  • SCS Group - System Maintenance

    System Maintenance

    Our full-service contracts cover scheduled maintenance, repairs and software updates

  • SCS Group - Full Reports


    Cross-spectrum legislative compliance is assured with a system from SCS Group

  • SCS Group - Control Panels


    We manufacture panels in-house,
    with systems from Schneider, Siemens, Trend, Priva & more

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