Building Automation is SCS Group’s project management and engineering division, creating practical, compliant and money-saving building services solutions in BEMS, smoke control and natural ventilation.

Imagine a typical classroom in a new build school: you might have passive ventilation actuators on the windows, networked to a control system…

There could also be a fire alarm, networked to a control system. Perhaps a security system such as access control or CCTV, networked to a control system, along with lighting, heating, air conditioning and smoke ventilation all networked to separate control systems.

Starting to get the picture? SCS Group’s Building Automation division has an approach based on linking all these systems on the same unifying network and control system, drastically reducing cabling, installation time, the number of control panels and – most importantly – creating a system that is cheaper to purchase, run and maintain. This is a safer, leaner way of developing building services and it’s something SCS Building Automation is proud to pioneer.

Our experienced teams of engineers and project managers work directly with customers (we don’t use salespeople) taking projects from design/CFD stage through to commissioning and handover to our SCS Support service division. As well as the integrated package, we also supply cost-saving project management solutions in the following discrete areas:

Popular systems