New robot lays bricks six times faster than humans

A picture of a construction site worker with bricks in the background. A new robot is said to be able to lay bricks faster than humans.

The face of construction appears to be changing as a new robot that can lay bricks is revealed

A NEW robot which builds walls six times faster than a human has been developed.

A story featured in the Daily Mail reveals that the semi-automated Mason, nicknamed Sam, can lay 3,000 bricks a day.

The robot has already started work in the US, but could be arriving on building sites in the UK within two years, says the Daily Mail.

‘Robot may be a threat’

The Daily Mail reports: “Experts have spoken out against the robot’s arrival and have claimed that the auto-builders could put the jobs of thousands of bricklayers at risk.”

It is said that while Sam can lay 3,000 bricks a day, a builder’s average is 500.

The robot consists of a conveyor belt, a robotic arm and a concrete pump and was built by the New York-based company Construction Robotics. A builder is needed to load the robot up with bricks, after which the machine’s nozzle covers a brick in concrete before the robotic arm puts it in place. A second builder will then smooth over the concrete before the robot places more bricks.

Faster than humans

Richard Valentine-Selsey, a construction consultant, told the Times: “Robots will soon be on construction sites doing jobs that humans do, but faster.”

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