Video explains how to become competent at BIM

A picture of a woman using a computer. You can watch an online video showing how to get competent at BIM

You can learn how to get competent at BIM by watching a video from The B1M

A NEW video is giving people the chance to find out all about BIM (Building Information Modelling) and how to build up to it.

The video has been created for the Digital Construction Massive Open Online Course (DC MOOC) run by the University of Westminster in association with The B1M.

It gives information about becoming competent at BIM, likening it to training to run a marathon where you need to take one step at a time – rather than getting there overnight.

Key steps

In the video, Rob Garvey (Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster) sets out some of the key steps to developing our digital capabilities.

The B1M says: “To date, the construction industry has been inherently wasteful. That isn’t necessarily material waste; it’s anything in the process that doesn’t add value to the customer.

“Eradicating that waste from the process is absolutely key to the industry performing better and realising its true potential.”

What does BIM mean to you?

Talking about the video, The B1M says on its website: “The first step to assess is what BIM means to you in the context of your organisation. It may seem simple, but it really is a crucial starting point.

“BIM means different things to different people depending on where you are in the construction process, but ultimately we’re all looking to operate in a more efficient and effective way.”

The B1M logo. The B1M has published a video explaining how to become competent at BIM

The B1M has published a video explaining how to become competent at BIM

People are advised to develop a continuous learning approach, remembering that there is no finish line – it’s better to measure the impact that each of your steps is having on the things that matter to your organisation over time.

To read The B1M’s full story and to view the video, click here.