Everest ‘Ayatollah’ video proves a hit on social media

Success! Allan Meek, SCS Group MD, is pictured waving his flag with one of his team's Sherpas at the top of Mount Everest

Success! Allan Meek, SCS Group MD, is pictured waving his flag with one of his team’s Sherpas at the top of Mount Everest

FROM singing the ‘Ayatollah’ at the top of Mount Everest to feeling like the Bionic Man, it’s fair to say SCS Group’s MD Allan Meek has experienced a lot during the last seven weeks.

Allan, who summited the world’s highest mountain last Tuesday, May 16, is currently relaxing and recovering in Kathmandu before he flies home to the UK later this week.

But he’s been able to give us a good insight into his expedition, which he did with Ascent Himalayas, a Nepal-based company.

He’s also given us some great video clips, including the wonderful one where he gets his fellow climbers and Sherpas to do the ‘Ayatollah’ at the summit. Click the picture below to view the video.

The Ayatollah is performed by Cardiff City FC supporters at every match and as a devoted, lifelong fan Allan felt driven to get his team to participate in probably the highest Ayatollah ever performed.

Talking about his climb towards the summit, Allan told us about the part between Camp Three and Camp four, explaining that they’d had a 7am start: “The exit from the camp was a vertical ice wall and that set the tone. For the day I was struggling from the off.

“I was exhausted and I was counting six breaths for every step and when I had to clip out of one line and into another I was helpless for a couple of minutes. After an hour-and-a-half I found myself near our Sherpa Pasang and asked him to check my oxygen mask. It wasn’t on properly and I’d been getting nothing!”

‘I felt like the Bionic man’

A picture of Camp Four at Mount Everest

Camp Four at Mount Everest

“Pasang put my mask on and the effect was instantaneous. I felt like the Bionic man and the rest of the day was totally different. I felt strong and coped easily with the pace and had a good day.”

They reached Camp Four at 4pm and had to leave at 9pm for their ‘summit push’. After an extremely gruelling climb, with lots of ‘traffic’ (climbers) on the mountain, Allan was thrilled and overwhelmed to get to the top.

He said: “Eventually we popped up on the walk to the summit, I couldn’t believe we were there and was expecting a hidden dip to appear with some more torture in store. I was so tired it took ages to walk less than 100m.

“I flopped down near the summit where there are some ropes to tie into and secured my bag and sat there gasping. I think it was about 9.45am as I was one of the first of our group up. Gradually more came and they congregated at the highest point. I crawled over to them after a while.

‘The view was breathtaking’

Look closely: Climbers head towards the summit of Mount Everest

Look closely: Climbers head towards the summit of Mount Everest

“The weather, which had been pretty clear, had clouded over so the view wasn’t brilliant but you could just see into Tibet and just being up there was breathtaking.”

The group managed to spend about an hour at the summit, which is when Allan decided to get them to do the Ayatollah.

The video of this performance has caused a sensation on social media since we uploaded it on Thursday evening and has even been picked up and talked about by national media.

On Facebook the video has already been viewed 4.4K times and has had a reach of 16K. Meanwhile, it has proven extremely popular on our other social media channels achieving more than 10K impressions on Twitter and getting hundreds of click-throughs to the video on YouTube.

Wales Online featured a story about the video on both its website and in the South Wales Echo, and has even been running a poll asking who does the Ayatollah best – Cardiff City FC’s Manager Neil Warnock or Allan Meek. As of today (Monday, May 22) Allan has claimed 62% of the votes. Click here to see the article.

And on Friday evening, ITV Wales featured the video as part of its sport feature on its primetime news programme at 6pm.

Meanwhile, TV personality Jason Mohammad tweeted Allan saying: “Just given you a shout-out on the radio. Legend @allanmeek”.

Finally, after the time at the top, the group had to leave. After a very difficult descent back to Camp Four, Allan was able to claim some well-deserved rest. However, all was not calm as Allan explained: “The night was really rough as a storm blew up and the tent shook all night. I realised then how people die on the mountain as you wouldn’t last long in that.

“Next morning Pasang called us at 7.30am and said we had to move down. There was frantic activity packing the camp up and we headed off in a blizzard.”

Pictured: Celebrating a successful climb to the top of Mount Everest - the climbers and Sherpas are elated

Celebrating a successful climb to the top of Mount Everest – the climbers and Sherpas are elated

Back to Everest Base Camp

Allan and his team made it back safely to Everest Base Camp despite the conditions and they enjoyed celebrations in one of the common tents.

Thank you to all our followers across our social media channels for your many messages of support.

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