Contractor discovers benefits of ‘modular’ on hotel scheme

The Bowmer & Kirkland logo. Bowmer & Kirkland has been using modular technology on a hotel development in Manchester.

Bowmer & Kirkland is working on the Holiday Inn Express development in Manchester Trafford Park

A CONTRACTOR has discovered how intense preparation is the key to success on its first modular hotel job in Manchester, reports Construction News.

Working in this way is a format SCS Group is very familiar with as the company knows how it can save time and money.

Bowmer & Kirkland (main contractor) was enlisted by Holiday Inn Express alongside modular contractor CIMC to deliver its 220-bed hotel in Manchester Trafford Park.

Modular technology

Construction News reports: “The construction industry has been grappling with the adoption of modular technology for years.

“It’s long been discussed as one of the ways contractors can get things done faster, safer and at a lower cost – not to mention offering massive improvements to the industry’s productivity. But as firms consider how best to implement the technology, some contractors and clients are already getting to grips with fully modularised buildings.”

Bowmer & Kirkland started work on site in July 2016 and by late November, reports Construction News, installation of modules had already begun, with half of the building nearing its six-storey height.

Each module contains two rooms and a portion of corridor, with each room fully finished inside, including carpets, wallpaper, decorations and bathrooms, says Construction News.

Off-site production

A picture of the Old Street Courthouse Hotel, Shoreditch

The Courthouse Hotel, Shoreditch

As mentioned, SCS Group is familiar with ‘off-site production’ and has made good use of the Fläkt Woods Smoke Shaft Vent system – an off-the-shelf product that cuts time and costs.

When SCS Group was commissioned to work on a stunning boutique hotel development in London, its staff knew that they needed to come up with a smoke shaft system that could be installed quickly and simply.

Due to both time and space constraints – as well as the usual requirements to keep costs down – Chris Connolly, Contracts Manager, knew the perfect fit for the Courthouse Hotel, Shoreditch, development was the Fläkt Woods Smoke Shaft Vent system.

Chris said: “This system meant better time management with few people on site. It meant off-site prefabrication with it put together in the Fläkt Woods factory. Once it arrived on site, set-up was so easy – we installed the system components on site, plugged the ASi controller into each to give them an ID, then accessed the HMI touchscreen to find the system already up and running. Easiest commissioning ever.”

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