Difficult days for team as Mount Everest trek progresses

Allan Meek on his way from Camp two to Camp three

SCS Group’s Allan Meek is continuing to make his way up Mount Everest, despite difficult climbs up cliffs of ice and having to cope with the high altitude. At the same time, Managing Director Allan and his team received the … Continue reading

Training kicks in at icefall as team prepare for Everest climb

A picture of Allan Meek with Mount Everest in the centre behind him

HAVING reached Everest Base Camp, SCS Group MD Allan Meek is now putting in even more hard work and learning how to climb ice in the infamous Khumbu icefall. Allan arrived at Base Camp on Thursday, April 20, and since … Continue reading

SCS Group MD Allan reaches Everest Base Camp

A photograph of SCS Group Managing Director Allan Meek at Everest Base Camp

SCS Group’s Managing Director Allan Meek has reached Everest Base Camp. Allan was pleased to arrive at the site with his fellow climbers and Sherpas on Thursday, April 20, and described it as being a bit like Glastonbury, due to … Continue reading

Everest team reach Island Peak summit

SCS Group MD Allan Meek with Island Peak behind him

MOUNT Everest awaits for SCS Group MD Allan Meek and his fellow team members who are currently making their way towards the mountain’s base camp. It follows an eventful few days which saw them climbing all the way to the … Continue reading

Rope training for trek team as Everest climb awaits

A picture of the team rope training in Chukhung ahead of the trek to Everest, pictured behind

TWO weeks after arriving in Nepal, SCS Group MD Allan Meek and his fellow expedition team members are busy making their way towards Mount Everest. After spending time in Dingboche last week, the team made their way to Chukhung at … Continue reading