A picture of two SCS Group staff

Our values help us to work well together and achieve great results

At SCS Group we have five important company values that we adhere to at all times. These values focus on the way we work as teams and as individuals. Our values are listed below, with a few examples of how we apply each of them.


1: Stronger together

We involve people in decision making, at the appropriate level; we encourage people to share information and expertise, working with other teams and colleagues; we understand and talk about the importance of people being different and creating dynamic teams.


2: Responsive and exceptional service

We encourage and enable learning and development for ourselves and our teams; we understand the commercial impacts of our decisions and ensure financial sustainability for our areas; we drive high performance, giving honest and fair feedback.


3: Authentic relationships

We manage expectations, never overpromising to our teams or external stakeholders; we openly report any conflicts of interest or ethical concerns we have with our work; we act with integrity and inspire others to maintain a positive business reputation.


A picture of four SCS Group staff during a team-building exercise

Regular team-building events help us improve the way we work together

4: Making it work

We challenge the status quo, challenging our traditions in order for us to approve; we encourage creativity and innovation from our teams, listening to their suggestions; we lead the way in adopting new technologies or approaches.


5: Simpler and easier to work with

We avoid overcomplicating concepts in our communication with our teams and stakeholders; we put our clients’ or stakeholders’ requirements seriously and put them first; we encourage efficiency, effectiveness and simplicity in our work approaches.