Car Park Ventilation Demystified

Enclosed or underground car parks generally are unable to vent exhaust fumes naturally, and the same is true of harmful smoke in the case of a fire. That’s why smoke control systems are required, but the technology and fire engineering may appear complex at first glance.

SCS Group is cutting through any confusion with its new guidance document, Contractors’ Guide To Car Park Ventilation, freely available online.

The document has been put together by a number of SCS Group’s smoke safety specialists and project managers, offering an insightful look at the issue that uses plain English and colour illustrations to reveal just how simple the solutions can be.

“Car park ventilation isn’t rocket science,” explains SCS Group managing director Allan Meek, “but without proper explanation the operation of systems can be tricky to follow.

“We’re making it easier for those both specifying and installing systems by publishing this explanation all the relevant standards, regulations, accreditations and legislations, as well detailing what comprises a modern jet fan system and how exactly they work.”

To see the document for yourself, simply download it at here.