Budding Brunels get expert tips from SCS Group

Three of the students who attended the Budding Brunels event. SCS Group also attended to give advice and top tips

Three of the students who attended the Budding Brunels event

CONSTRUCTION’S stars of the future had a taste of the industry recently when they took part in ‘Budding Brunels’, a British Land-funded schools engagement programme.

Approximately 25 students took part in the three-day programme, which focused on British Land’s current development of an office building at 4 Kingdom Street, Paddington Central, which SCS Group is involved in.

Budding Brunels get insight into industry

A number of activities were arranged for the London-based Budding Brunels event – organised by Construction Youth Trust – all geared towards giving the students an insight into the construction industry.

One of the activities was to respond to a British Land tender, with teams designing and building a model commercial tower. They were given a ‘budget’ of £6 million to spend on structural materials to build the tower, with the costs for the model forming part of their tender costs. The students then had to pitch their solution to industry experts.

A picture of Faye Young, Regional Manager at SCS Group, during the Budding Brunels event

Faye Young, Regional Manager at SCS Group, during the Budding Brunels event

Faye Young, SCS Group’s Regional Manager for London and the South East, volunteered to attend the event as an industry expert, and gave the students lots of help and advice during the activity.

She talked to the different student groups, took interest in the designs they were thinking about and gave guidance during the design and build phase.

Faye said:”I found the programme very inspiring. It was fascinating to see students’ creativity and what they were able to achieve in a short space of time.”

Also volunteering at the event was SCS Group’s Managing Director, Allan Meek, who gave feedback to the students on their presentations for a different task.

SCS Group is well aware of the current construction skills shortage, so is eager to get involved with promoting the industry to young people.

Faye said: “We have been thinking of working with schools to engage young people at an earlier stage of their decision-making process, therefore it was great to see how the programme was structured and how the delegates performed and responded to the tasks given.”

The course, which is accredited by the Open College Network, also included a tour of a live construction site, workshops, presentations by experts and networking.

There was also the opportunity for at least five students to be selected for a week-long work placement with British Land or its supply chain, taking place in the school holidays. SCS Group is pleased to be one of the companies taking on a student for a placement; they will be getting a great insight into SCS Group’s work in the summer.