Bournville Gardens Village scoops top award

A picture of Bournville Gardens Village where SCS Group carried out BMS and natural smoke ventilation work

Bournville Gardens Village has scooped a top award. SCS Group carried out BMS and natural smoke ventilation work at the site

SCS Group is extremely proud of its work with BMS (Building Management Systems) at sites across the UK and is always interested to hear how projects are getting on.

While following up on news about Bournville Gardens Village, in Birmingham, a development we recently worked on, we were delighted to find out it has scooped a very impressive award.

It has been named ‘The Older People’s Development of the Year’ at the 2016 Top 60 Awards run by Inside Housing Magazine.


The award celebrates success and innovation in housing developments. Modern aspects of the retirement village – which has 212 homes – include SCS Group’s tailor-made innovative BMS solution which fits the layout and intended use of the new development perfectly.

SCS Group was commissioned in September 2013 to create combined BMS and natural smoke ventilation for the site by Regal Mechanical and Electrical.

Because of the atrium’s curved architecture and the need for phasing of open-and-closing window actuators, the natural ventilation system required a particularly clever arrangement of controls with a unique cause-and-effect protocol for the 80-plus actuators across its curved surface.

BMS uses Trend system

The BMS put in uses a Trend system, incorporating the atrium windows, smoke and temperature control, natural smoke shafts and lobby windows, as well as AHUs (air conditioning) and boilers.

The village offers a wide range of recreational and medical facilities and was brought to life by the ExtraCare Charitable Trust, Bournville Village Trust and Birmingham City Council.

Since opening in autumn 2015, significant work has been done to ensure the health and well-being of its residents as well as their long-term quality of life. SCS Group contributed to this comfort by integrating the atrium’s complex ventilation system with other controls, making the building more user-friendly and efficient.

ExtraCare’s research with Aston University found that residents at the village lead happier and healthier lives at a lower cost to the public purse. The village is now a ‘social hub’ which encourages inter-generational community involvement and aims to prevent dementia, loneliness and frailty. Their main objective is to prevent poor quality of life.

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