Blog post: Shattering stereotypes

This blog post about building sites and stereotypes has been written by Eleanore Nash, our Marketing Intern, who has been working with us over the summer.

A photo of Eleanore Nash, SCS Group's Marketing Intern, who has written a blog

Eleanore Nash, SCS Group’s Marketing Intern

Shattering stereotypes

Eleanore Nash, July 27, 2016

Before starting my internship at SCS Group, the only thing I knew about smoke control and fire safety was that it’s important to look out for the emergency exits. I’ll admit that I saw building sites as the place where a group of men in hardhats lay bricks with their jeans hanging just that little bit too low on the hips.

After my first week here though, that blatant stereotype has been shattered. I now know that building automation is a complex field open to both men and women. It requires cooperation between a wide range of jobs, from the project managers and engineers who design the systems, to communicators who promote the latest project and finance controllers who deal with all aspects of accounting.

In my first week, I was warmly welcomed by those who were willing to take the time to explain the mechanical aspects of each system. I discovered that Building Management Systems allow an individual to control anything within the building from energy products through to heating, chilling and ventilation. I laughed alongside engineering and contract managers, watching them devise a code system for the complex variety of alternative systems they offer their clients.

Having never considered working in the construction industry before coming here, I am pleasantly surprised to say that I’m enjoying learning about the complex way each system works. I’d like to say that I’ve even picked up some of the technical jargon.

Wide range of projects

From developments where SCS Group was commissioned to create a BMS system, to sites where it was asked to do smoke control, I have been introduced to a wide range of projects. I’ve seen the way SCS Group looks to engineer new and improved systems to offer their clients the most cost-effective and reliable option. I’ve even had the chance to write about their innovative concept which integrates both BMS and smoke control onto one single system.

Having looked at photographs of these awe-inspiring developments, I’m looking forward to trading in my comfortable desk chair for a hardhat and safety boots to go and see the sites upfront next week.