BEMS helps cut energy bills by £100k at FT HQ

A picture of an SCS Group worker using BEMS

BEMS allow for control of the systems based on time, occupancy, ambient temperature and more, and can also be used for monitoring/metering to ensure the savings to energy efficiency

The use of BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) at the London headquarters of the Financial Times (FT) has cut energy bills by more than £100,000 within two years.
A story reported by SCS Group partner Trend describes how FT wanted to ensure that all building services were functioning as efficiently as possible – as part of an ongoing drive to improve performance, reduce CO2 emissions and cut energy costs.
The headquarters of the newspaper is located adjacent to Southwark Bridge on the banks of the River Thames and is arranged over seven storeys, housing a 1,100-strong workforce.

BEMS integrates various controls

BEMS or BMS (Building Management Systems) are designed to integrate various environmental controls such as heating, lighting, ventilation and security through one system – find out more here.
With the FT building, Trend reports, the first place to start was the BEMS and an external company was brought in.
A plug-and-play system, collecting data directly from the facility’s BEMS was used, allowing people to analyse the building. This allowed them to pinpoint any issues and address them.
After analysing the data captured by the plug-and-play system, Trend describes how it provided the external company with specialist training and tools to deal with the older parts of the system.

Cost effective

Trend reports: “This was particularly cost effective, as instead of replacing parts, the existing system could be tweaked to yield the best results.
“Two years later, energy use has been cut by around 2,290kWh/day average, translating to a total saving in energy of more than £100,000 within the first two years. Further, occupant comfort has been dramatically improved, with complaints about the office being too hot or too cold falling by 50 per cent since the project’s completion.”
For the full story, visit Trend’s website.
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