Apprentices learn valuable skills in SCS Group roles

A picture of Leteesha Flore, Apprentice Project Engineer at SCS Group

Leteesha Flore, Apprentice Project Engineer at SCS Group

SCS Group is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2018 (March 5-9) by showing its success in working with apprentices, helping them to develop and start a career in the construction industry.

The company – which has offices in England and Wales – currently employs seven apprentices across the UK who have become an important part of the team, developing their careers via on-the-job training and attending college.

National Apprenticeship Week, coordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service, celebrates apprenticeships and the positive effect they have on individuals, businesses and the economy. SCS Group knows first-hand how successful apprenticeships can be, with a number of senior staff having started their careers with apprenticeships at SCS Group.

National Apprenticeship Week logoCurrently, our apprentices are: Alex Rees, Josh Mowatt, Leteesha Flore and Muhammad Wahid, all Apprentice Project Engineers in Cardiff, Portsmouth and London; Josh Parkhurst and Luke Jones, Apprentice Panel Wiremen at our Manufacturing facility in Dorset; and Edd Wilkinson, an Apprentice Controls Engineer, also based in London. We also employ a Trainee Commissioning Engineer, Ross Sinclair.

We asked our apprentices about what it’s like to work at SCS Group:

Leteesha Flore (see video below), who works alongside our project managers in London, said: “My typical day is usually do a couple of things in the office, answer a couple of emails, then I’ll go on site, meet with the installers, do a walkaround with them, check the work that’s been done, check the work that needs to be done, see what kit needs to be ordered, then come back and finish all the paperwork that needs to be done for the day from what I’ve seen.”

Leteesha joined SCS Group two years ago and explained: “One of the best skills I’ve learned working with SCS that you can talk to people face to face and get things sorted pretty quickly.”

When asked about SCS Group she said: “It’s a very friendly atmosphere here, definitely. I was welcomed as soon as I came in.”

Josh Parkhurst enjoys the hands-on experience that his apprenticeship offers, he explains: “I can cut wires for people and help them with their work, which helps me and them. With my apprenticeship I’m not looking at books – I’m there doing the work and learning.”

When asked about what he enjoys the most, Trainee Commissioning Engineer Ross Sinclair said: “Travelling to different areas to complete jobs” and “the most valuable thing I’ve learnt while being at SCS is that we save lives in the event of a fire. Every life matters.”

Do you want to be an apprentice at SCS Group?

We offer a number of apprenticeships and current positions can be found on our vacancies page. However, if you don’t see anything suitable at the moment, it’s worth getting in touch anyway and telling us about yourself – we will get back in touch if and when a suitable position comes up – email