Alrewych Court Residential Care Home


Project Background

The dangers of overly-warm conditions to the elderly are well-documented, with risk of stroke and death increasing over 25 °C. That’s why hot corridors in care homes – where services are run through corridors spaces and modern architecture promotes airtightness and solar gain – are such a danger.

Alrewych Court care home was found to often have temperatures in the high thirties, so M&E contractor Regal turned to SCS Group’s Building Automation division to devise a cost-effective solution that would make residents safer and more comfortable.

Project title Alrewych Court
Location West Midlands

SCS Group’s Solution

Retrofitting a natural ventilation system to this building was SCS’ chosen solution, taking advantage of existing windows by use of a series of actuators. These actuators were linked to an intelligent control system which used a series of temperature sensors to dictate when and where within the building to open/close windows, thus affecting airflow and helping to control temperature.

For easier and more cost-effective maintenance of the system, SCS’ “Eyeball” system of wireless remote monitoring was employed, allowing SCS operatives to see system issues in real-time and even undertake service works without the need for site visits.

SCS Group’s Involvement

The temperature sensors used as part of this natural ventilation project were also employed as data-loggers, to enable SCS Group to prove the effectiveness of the system.

While previous corridor temperatures at the care home had been recorded in the high thirties, with the new system in place an average temperature of 23.79°C was recorded, with relatively minor fluctuations about this point.

The case study of Alrewych Court forms a part of SCS Group’s Guide to Overheating in Residential Care Homes, which can be viewed as a PDF here.


“This retrofit project was a great success, but we’re hoping in future buildings these systems will be specified up front, to save cost and reduce risk to residents.”

Lee Hewings, Regional Manager, SCS Group