We care about providing the building management solutions that make our customers happy, by saving them money and hassle.

Our Total Building Automation® approach to construction projects simplifies the control of building services by combining two or more typically disparate systems (e.g. BMS and security) to remove duplicate hardware and software to provide a leaner, more effective solution. In fact, SCS Group itself is the result of a coming together of a fire and ventilation contractor, a control systems manufacturer and a BMS specialist with the intention of creating a new, cost-effective and efficient approach to controlling buildings.
We manufacture our own control systems at our Wimborne facility and we even have an online store for components, controls or replacement parts –

The Problem with Typical Building Services

Typically, many different specialists will be involved in making a building work, and that means there are lots of different interfaces between systems that have to be planned, communicated and implemented on site. There is also much duplication of control networks and programming.
With this model it is easy for things to fall between the cracks, causing problems in commissioning and compromising the completion date and subsequent efficient operation of the building.

SCS’ Approach to Construction Projects

With our Total Building Automation® methodology we integrate systems at a high level – and wherever possible run them on a common infrastructure – so that they work as one. Control panels, sensors and interface units are eliminated, wiring is reduced and programming is simplified. This way of working saves time on and off site and has been proven to reduce overall costs by as much as 35%.

How We Can Offer Peace of Mind

Functionality and safety is improved as all critical building information is available in one place, be that a head end computer, a touchscreen, or a smart phone or tablet. Optimisation of building controls leads to energy saving and enhanced building safety for occupants and emergency personnel e.g. fire fighters.

Technical Specification

Where possible we use our clients’ preferred products – we are experienced with the majority of major manufacturers’ systems.
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