Richard Harris, Easivent Product Engineer

Richard Harris, Product Engineer

AFTER leaving school, Richard began his career by undertaking a four-year apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defence (Royal Navy) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Bath. He did project management with them for a while and was there for around 13 years. He travelled to a number of places during this time including to Holland and the USA.

After this, Richard did some field service work for various companies. In around 2007 he moved with his family from Bristol to South Wales where he began a customer service role that he stayed in for approximately five years until joining SCS Group.

At SCS Group, Product Engineer Richard liaises with customers, processes orders, gives technical support over the phone and via email, purchases stock, advises on product selection, troubleshoots and completes quotes from architects’ drawings for systems. Richard also gives lots of advice to people about products and installations. He also works closely with the projects team, giving advice and processing their orders. Additionally, he works alongside the service and maintenance team, giving advice and support where necessary and handling orders.

Richard said: “I enjoy the variety of my role – no two days are the same. My job keeps me busy and on my toes.”

Away from work, Richard enjoys cycling around the area, particularly in the Cynon Valley where he lives. His four children keep him busy, but when he can he enjoys reading and listening to music. He also likes to go to the gym. Richard is a fan of tattoos and is having another one done on his arm soon.